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Discussion Questions for Black Bird:

1. What is the book’s message? Can you define a central theme? How is it relevant to your life?

2. What do you think the author’s motivation for writing this story was?

3. Was there a character you identified with strongly? Did a character remind you of anyone you know? How did that make you feel about the story? Did reading help you understand someone better—or even yourself?

4. Which character do you think is best described as 'Black Bird'? Why?

5. Some important issues are raised (homelessness, the loss of a parent, addiction, abuse, rape, mental illness, etc.) — do you feel the author handled these fairly?

6. Do you feel changed in any way? Did the book expand your range of experience or challenge your assumptions? Can you sympathize with character choices even if you didn't agree with them?

7. What moral questions were brought to the surface? How did the author address these? Do you agree with her choices? Were you offended? Stretched? Challenged? Uncomfortable?

8. What is the significance of the colour yellow? Why do you think yellow is such a recurring theme?

9. Does Charlie Wolfe deserve redemption? If you were Bird, could you forgive him? What if you were Peri?

10. How does Bird manage to look forward instead of wallowing? Is she strong enough to break the cycle? Why are some people able to overcome rather than submit to their past?

11. What do you think is next for Peri? And what about Bird and Charlie? Can any of them ever lead a normal life after everything that has happened between them?

12. Who is your Joni Mitchell? Is there a certain artist you always turn to in hard times? What is it about the power of music that touches people?

13. If you could ask the author any one question, what would it be?

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