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Read some quotes from Black Bird

"I want to be a goldfinch, clad in sunny decadence with a little shadow along my wingtips to keep me honest. I want my call to be a song that reaches into the places where winter ends, swooping hope along my tail feathers as I tempt heaven with my freedom."

"Tattooing brought her back to earth. Being given the license to leave a permanent mark on a stranger ignited a rare authority within her that few people experienced. She wondered if it was a little like murder. It was a power she hungered for."

"When my father died, they fed both him and the Canadian flag to the earth as fodder for the worms."

"It had to mean something—that sky so deep and wide and tragically beautiful—that graveyard of stars. And if I were to count them all then maybe I would understand my place in this world."

"A wolf is not a sinner when it stalks its prey. It does only what it is designed to do. Do not hate the wolf for being a wolf. Hate the world for allowing a wolf into the sheep’s pen."

"I once saw a bird fly into a window and fall down dead. Mother called it a stupid thing. She is that window and I am that bird and even though I know it’s going to hurt, I still fly straight into her."

"'Love is like the rain,' her mother told her. 'It's yours for a moment before it dribbles down the window and disappears into a crack, leaving you emptier than before you had it."

"I am nothing but a taproot. I wish for you to pick me and steep me into a tea to warm your belly with the only thing I have to give. How could I ever be bound for heaven? Your belly will be my coffin and your sewer my grave."

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