Black Bird Soundtrack

11:40 AM

Music plays an important role in Black Bird. Joni Mitchell is a passive character that actually takes on a rather substantial role, and through this writing journey I've come to deeply appreciate her heart, her politics, and her lyrics. And while my Black Bird playlist isn't made up of all Joni Mitchell songs, it was informed by her.

It never fails—no matter what the Project Of The Moment is—everything speaks to it. Conversations, radio interviews, movies, billboards, the acne constellation on the lisping coffee shop boy's face...EVERYTHING is about my book, my story, my idea.

That's just the reality of a writer's life. There's no avoiding it. No denying it. We are the center of our own universes and our work-in-progress is the eye of our personal storm. It is fed by EVERYTHING.

I adore the idea of creating a soundtrack for a project because it plays a beautiful role in establishing themes and invoking emotions. While I plugged away at Black Bird, I kept track of some of the songs that seem to speak directly to exactly what I was trying to say in prose instead of poetry and I gathered them into a Spotify Play List should you feel inclined to listen to all the feels of the tale I chose to spin. 

I chose songs for their lyrics.

I chose songs for their emotion.

I chose songs that reflect my story-vision.

It's a powerful way to let people get an audible glimpse of my story-feels.

All that being's my pretty little playlist for Black Bird.

1. No Time to Crank the Sun by EL VY
2. Come Healing by Leonard Cohen
3. The Sire of Sorrow (Job's Sad Song)  by Joni Mitchell 
4. Open Windows by Good Lovelies
5. Every Little Thing by Good Lovelies
6. Little Bird by Said The Whale
7. Tuck the Darkness In by Bowerbirds
8. White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
9. 100x by Tegan and Sara
10. One Voice by The Wailin' Jennys
11. Let the Storm Come by Ash & Bloom 
12. Hold On (The Break) by Walk Off the Earth
13. No Regrets by MAGIC!
14. Death with Dignity by Sufjan Stevens
15. Miracle by CHVRCHES 
15. Sanctuary by Nashville Cast, Charles Esten, Lennon & Maisey

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