Call for Black Bird Beta Readers

12:49 PM
[UPDATE - March 1, 2020 : Thank you for the overwhelming response! I have many more readers than I asked for which is a wonderful surprise!]


If a writer is the alpha, than the first readers are the betas. I feel confident in declaring that beta readers are among the most important participants in a book's journey to see the light.

A beta reader is an active participant in the development of a book and their input is invaluable.

For me, I'm looking for beta readers who will critique story and emotion. I want them to pay attention to character, pacing, plot, and consistency. They don't need to obsess over things like spelling or grammar — that's an editor's job — but they should still make note of any glaring mistakes in that department. I am interested in a reader's emotional response to the story and whether or not I've written something that will resonate with an audience from start to finish.

A beta reader should be kind, but they must also be ruthless. Without full honesty, Black Bird will never reach it's full potential.

A beta reader must understand that they are reading an early manuscript. It is NOT the final version. A beta reader has the privilege of influencing the version that will go to print, and as such, will find their name listed in the acknowledgements of the completed novel.

Do you think you have what it takes?

Sign up if:

  • you love to read
  • you have time to carefully read a complete manuscript
  • you're not afraid to give honest feedback
  • you can work on a deadline
  • you have an appreciation for literary fiction (if you're looking for high action, fantasy, or a cowboy with his chest bared, you're looking in the wrong place) 
I'm looking for:
  •  5+ readers for the first round (beginning March 21) 
  •  4+ readers for the second round (beginning May 1)
  •  3+ readers for the third round (beginning July 15)
  •  2+ readers for the fourth round (beginning September 1)
You can sign up for multiple rounds if you like.

Don't think beta-reading is a  good fit for you, but you'd still like to support my journey? How about buying me a cup of coffee and fueling my motivation! Click the button below to give a wee gesture of support.

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