Sneak Peek at the Acknowledgement Page

6:31 PM

These hooligans are the reason I can say my new novel launches in FOUR days. Without the support of a household that holds me up and pushes me forward I could not see my dreams come to fruition.

Thank you to my children who allow me space to weave new tales; for a son who still keeps the poster for my first book launch up in his room❤️; for a daughter who bubbles with ecstatic joy when she finds a spelling or grammar mistake in a novel ❤️; and for the eldest boy - now suddenly an adult - who seems to know when I’m struggling and reaches out with an unprompted ‘I’m proud of you’, or a ‘you can do it’ text. ❤️
Thank you to my husband who is forced to consume countless hours of NBA while I’m tucked away in my office trying to smooth out a scene that’s as ugly as a Shaquille O’Neal free throw. The way you encourage me to lean into my passions is a gift I will always cherish. ❤️
Please join me this Saturday night (November 7) at 7:00 pm EST for the launch of Black Bird. Let me regale you with tales of the glamorous life of a writer, invite you to spy on some conversations between myself and some inquisitively creative kids, allow you to listen to me read to you from the novel, and challenge you to buy a copy of a book that just may change the way you view the world. See you then!
Buy a book and you'll be able to read the acknowledgement page in full.

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