Black Bird and the #MeToo Movement — I am not here to be Politically Correct

2:30 PM
Last year, I shared on my personal website that I was struggling with the story of Black Bird because I was so afraid of how people would respond to some of the themes. In the light of the #MeToo movement, I felt I was treading too far on the "wrong side" of the tracks.

MeToo is about empowering victims and shaming perpetrators. Black Bird will challenge readers to understand the perpetrator, and that closure, atonement, and redemption can also be part of the story.

I think it's important to push people, to dare people to think differently, to put up a road block in the middle of the mob and say, "Wait! There's a whole story here!"

Yesterday, a writer on Twitter (Chad Ryan @writingiswar) expressed how I feel much better than I can:

"The P/C outrage culture that attacks writers for the things that fictional characters do & say is killing art. Like people, characters have varying backgrounds, ideologies, and levels of education. It is the author's JOB to portray these people accurately. Warts and all."
You can read his powerful Twitter thread here.

My job as a writer is not to tell you what to think, it is to present a very real situation and allow you to navigate it in your own way. Understanding that gives me permission to tell this story.

In 21 days I will be sending my manuscript to seven beta-readers for early feedback. Yesterday, I printed it off so I can work through it line by line. I am so excited to be this stage. I am thrilled that I've been able to push past the things that scare me. And I can't wait to finally be able to say, "Yes! The next book is ready!"

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