Writing in the time of Corona

1:07 PM
My poor beta readers have been waiting since March 21 - which is when I promised them the finished draft of Black Bird.

But then the world broke.

While many people were suddenly trapped at home, unemployed and self-isolating, I was called on to give up the March Break holidays I'd had booked for months (for the sole purpose of finishing this book) and work harder than I've ever worked before (for someone else) to build a new online infrastructure so our church could go 100% online.

Needless to say, without a week of dedicated BOOK TIME, I did not have it ready. And trying to scrounge back any time during the chaos that corona has blanketed society with feels like being the parent of a newborn. There is no time. There is no self. You only know how to be tired and you only have energy for exhaustion and all you can do is weakly pray that you make it through without shaking the baby because it just won't go to sleep.

But then you find a rhythm. You take a moment to appreciate a blue sky. You learn how to build boundaries and you guard them with the intensity of an ogre.

And you find yourself.

And now it's eleven days later.

But I'm done. I just pushed SEND on the email to the first round readers.

Now all there is to do is wait for their feedback...


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